Acu-Rite S Manual Machine Tool Digital Readouts for Milling and Turning. Acu-Rite S DRO packages with Linear Encoders for almost any manual. Find great deals on eBay for ACU Rite DRO in Digital Readouts for DRO; DROM, DROE; VRO; S; S; Acurite VUE; Anilam Wizard ;. Acu-Rite S DRO. The ACU-RITE series with LCD screen technology offers the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.

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Page 74 II – 1 Installation Setup Linear Error Compensation Linear error compensation can be applied, if the results of the comparison with a reference standard show a linear deviation over the whole measuring length. Thanks for the feedback guys and Jon thanks for the tip about the new DRO’s.

Colon 0 to 2 places seconds Blank space W for angle in acu-rife display: Page 46 I – 3 Milling Specific Operations Presets The Preset function allows the operator to indicate the nominal target position for the next move. I looked at Acu-rite’s site but saw nothing about the new lineup.

Introduction Introduction Software Version The software version is shown on the initial power up screen. Enter the desired coordinate for the workpiece edge. Edge Finder milling applications only The diameter, length offset and units of the edge finder are set in this form.

Highlight the tool you want. This warranty applies only to products and accessories installed and operated in accordance with this reference manual. Once the new nominal position information is entered, the display will switch to Distance-To-Go mode.

The initial screen will appear. Probing function Circle Center First center point coordinate, e. The workpiece, which is aligned with the machine axes, is moved to a certain position relative to the tool. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


ACU Rite DRO: Business & Industrial | eBay

Got it, continue to print. Personal computer with serial data interface. So this leads me to believe that both scales are operating normally and the issue is with the DRO unit itself. The current selection is shown on the soft key and in the plane field. The screen switches to the incremental DRO view, showing the incremental distance from the start point. The following table defines the Zero Angle where the position of the angle is zero for the three possible planes of rotation.

Thanks in advance for any help and insight, -Mike. Page 73 Example 2: The S provides storage of 1 user definable pattern each for Circle, and Linear.

Readout Parameter Access Code An access code must be entered before machine-related installation parameters can be set or changed. You can calculate tapers either by entering dimensions from a print, or by touching a tapered workpiece with a tool or indicator.

200S Readout System

Serial Port Serial Port A printer or computer may be connected to the serial port. Setup Setup S offers two categories for setting acurite operating parameters. Join Date Feb Location St. Probe workpiece edge and set ed Save your money and buy aMonitech monitor! The following devices can be connected to this port: The sum of the Z positions will be displayed on the Z0 display and the Z display will be blanked. Reading the Graph The error compensation table may be viewed in table or graphical formats.

Scroll to the Input field. Au-rite the taper ratio, calculation requires: Page of 82 Go.


Acu-Rite VUE 200S 532882-02 Digital Readout DRO

I – 3 Milling Specific Operations I – 3 Milling Specific Operations This section discusses operations, and soft key functions specific to milling applications only. In this mode, all moves are done by traveling until the display matches the nominal position that is required.

You can both mirror and scale a part at the same time. The following soft keys are available while running a Circle, or Linear Pattern Function Soft key Press to select the graphic view of the pattern. Note that any movement that occurs while power is off will be lost.

The position of the centerline M is determined acu-rie probing the edges 1, and 2. Set centerline between two workpiece edges as datum 0 is offered as a default value for the coordinate. Working Without Reference Mark Working without reference mark The S can also be used without crossing over the reference marks. Touch the workpiece surface at point 2. The Distance-To-Go feature enables you to approach nominal positions by traversing to display value zero. This section describes the Incline, and Arc Mill entry form, and capabilities.

Press the X axis key. General Navigation Use key pad to enter numeric values within each field. I swapped the scale inputs on the back of the DRO and the issue continues with the X axis display but using the Y axis scale. Again, acu-ite advertise it, but I have never seen it done myself. The current selection is shown on the soft key, and au-rite the plane field.