Tao has ratings and reviews. Marc said: While I most enjoy the hundreds of hours of lectures by this, my favorite thinker of all time, I do tre. This book by Alan Watts was given to me by my mentor before I left the States to live in China. He told me it was one of those books, “you don’t. In order to go into Taoism at all, we must begin by being in the frame of mind Tao means basically “way”, and so “course”; the course of nature. . Alan Watts.

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However, Emperor Han Kao Tsu that came next ruled with a light touch only making clear that harsh punishment will be meted out of manslaughter, assault and thievery and the Han Empire lasted years.

Watts was also an Episcopalian minister, professor, graduate-school dean and reasearch fellow of Harvard Waterciurse.

Confucius is the first clear example of a man in this situation. Return to Book Page. May 17, Andrew Neuendorf rated it it was amazing.

Tao: The Watercourse Way

Alan Watts was born in England in and received his early education at King’s School, Canterbury. Jan 14, Bob Miller rated it really liked it. An Introduction and Guide before moving to the Watercoursd States in the late thirties, and was largely responsible for the rapid spread of the writings of his teacher, D. Dec 08, Davood Wadi rated it it was amazing. Concerned at the disintegration of primitive Chinese civilization, he sought to restore order by relying on the power of ideas to organize behavior.

There are things in life which are natural like loving, relaxing, gettinng inspiration.

Tao: the Watercourse Way : Huang Al Chun Watts Alan :

That is the fallacy of American society. The visual buzz, the audible buzz, the tangible buzz, the smellable buzz– all around the buzz is going on.

Alan Watts acknowledged the irony of him talking and writing about Tao but explained taao it was his way of trying to grasp what it is. Lists with This Book. You are just plain ignorant, but still very much alive, and in this state you just feel what is without calling it anything at all. A fitting capstone to Watts’ catalog.


We only call certain features of the universe parts. Chesterton and countless other authors, artists, musicians, spiritual leaders and intellectuals of both the east and west.

Tao: The Watercourse Way

From inside the book. Like the soft branches of a tree that is able to survive the strong winds compared to the hard branches that resist and break.

His focus is only on the end result, after the polarity tension in the energy field resolves itself into a harmonious point of balance. The forward and the Afterward, and footnotes made reading the book that much more enjoyable; bringing understanding to the reality of Alan’s character and that he has passed away.

Far beyond scholarship, this is nearly as essential as the Tao Te Ching itself.

You don’t identify the presence of a thought that may be just an image of a passing cloud in your mind’s eye or the passing automobile; they happen. Because Tao is the course, we can also call li the watercourse, and the patterns of li are also the patterns of flowing water.

Aug 21, GhostKnight rated it it was amazing. It permeates everything but it cannot be seen and cannot be grasp. They all are trying to express the essence of li. Light, all around you, happens. Open Preview See a Problem? An avid lecturer, Watts appeared regularly on the radio and hosted the popular television series, Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life, in the s. We see those patterns of flow memorialized, as it were, as sculpture in the grain in wood, which is the flow of sap, in marble, in bones, in muscles.

It is part of the happening, and you are part of the universe, although strictly speaking the universe has no parts. In this book he examines the nature of the Tao.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. He also gives a brief info about historical foundations of the research of Buddhism in Europe, USA and western hemisphere.

By the early s, he moved to Sausolito, California, and held seminars and lectures throughout the United States. If you shut your eyes, and contemplate reality only with your ears, you will find there is a background of silence, and all sounds are coming out of it. If you would llke to talk or receive audio, please call me!

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I think that this book is a profound and thorough summary of the examination of Buddhism and Taoism in the west. Suzuki This is the book with which to start if you would like to explore philosophical Taoism–or Zen Buddhism, for that matter–as opposed to later religious Taoism. And even without the intellectual reasons, the ideograms themselves are beautiful to see.

I am not in charge, that is pretty obvious, but I hope there is God or somebody looking after all this. The Watercourse Waythe final work by philosopher Alan Watts, was published posthumously in This short book five chapters, with a Preface, Bibliography, etc. You will find, of course, that you can not stop the commentary going on inside your head, but at least you can regard it as interior noise.

The philosophy he loved more than the one he was known for, he intended to get that last chapter in to truly express Tao, in perhaps bittersweet irony he never got to do so, thus furthering the misconception that it is too difficult to “get” Taoism. In this way he helps make some very difficult concepts somewhat easier to understand. If this is your introduction to the subject, you should probably read a decent encyclopedia entry first.

Tao: the Watercourse Way

Lao-tzu said the way of the functioning of the Tao is “so of itself”; that is to say it is spontaneous. This is probably less a reflection on Alan Watts than a reflection of the sheer This wztts an excellent treatise on contemplative Taoism, that is the way based in meditation and oneness with nature rather than that involved in Chinese alchemical and quasi-magical practices. You cannot force yourself into this frame of mind, anymore than you can smooth disturbed water with your hand.

This discussion is having a huge impact on me. When a Westerner hears that he thinks this is some sort of fatalism or determinism, but that is because he still preserves in the back of his mind two illusions. Alan Watts died in Its first chapter on Chinese written language was truly thought-provoking.