The covenant is the home of magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the . What is the Vanilla Covenants Project? The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is. This site is the central hub for an Ars Magica saga played over Hangout.

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Semi-precious stones are not only used for ornamentation, they are also ground up and used for ink, medicine, and more. Jason Tondro, May 14, This list should be considered a “snapshot” of the covenant covenant it might exist in the first year of play. It was frequently used for the swearing of oaths.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Located in the middle magixa a bizarre faerie forest, this Spring covenant is on the brink of total chaos. The grogs are slothful, the companions decadent, and the magi inexperienced. Story-based rules for determining the covenant’s wealth. Between them, they can probably scavenge about 7 mythic pounds.

Ars Magica: Covenants

Realms of Power – Magic Ars Magica: Magi of the Greater Alps. Additionally, a covenant will also have multiple “Consortes” singular”consors” aka “companions,” also one per playerwho may or may not reside at the covenant but are associated or affiliated with it in some way.


Indeed the very baseline of “what are typical” can be set per-troupe, per-saga: Governance The charter of the covenant can be found here. It is nominally located in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

As such, I generally agree. As vis sources have been discovered, they have been placed on their own page. Merlin stole the stones for Stonehenge from this site. Guidance on governance and covenfolk. It is also available as a pdf, free online from this location. Wealth and Poverty The magi have come covenantx Hibernia with no particular store of silver.

Warehouse 23 – Ars Magica: Covenants

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lindsey is a friend of Bradach the Bastard and is strangely familiar to Sir Blane.

Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. A Covenant usually includes several Magisome especially skilled or trusted persons called Companionsand guardians and servants, covenfolkthe most trusted, valuable or skilled of which are called called Grogs.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Aura 5 is ideal for most covenants, as it is the highest Aura possible without the covenfolk being subject to Warping.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Retrieved from ” http: Vis Salary -1 Hook: To covdnants only a few of them: The Hibernian Peripheral Code requires that all covenants keep cattle, and the Uinsneach herd is covennts by half a coveenants laborers, including Maedoc, an experienced cowherd.

The covenant has begun a library located in the central keep of the castle. The Hill’s magical aura is about two miles in diameter and comparatively large, centered on the summit of the Hill and including a great many mystical features.


The animals generate several of these stones each about 1 ounce per lynx every day, and theoretically this could all be sold for almost Mythic Pounds a year. Trim Castle is the most formidable and awe-inspiring castle in Ireland.

There is also considerable opportunity for graft and corruption, possibly requiring supervision. Note that there is some labor involved here: Patrick cursed the stones here, to make them useless for building. Warehouse 23 will be closed Covenannts 24th, January 1st, A collection of edits for the book itself: Missing Expedition -1 Hook: Besides including rules for creating the covenant, “the central character in your saga,” this book included four extraordinary examples of Ars Magica covenants, one for each season:.

The Fifth Edition Covenants supplement adds many more options, Boons and Hooks, ideas, sample characters and items, and so on, and is generally well-regarded, but is magca strictly necessary to create a playable covenant.

Covenant – Ars Magica: The HBO Series

This sinister covenant is infamous among magi, and only partly because it has the largest library magicw Christendom. With one notable and recent exception in House Verditiusthis is the covenant of the primus of the house. Some atypical covenants have no shared library, with each magus claiming private ownership of books.