Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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If he were unable woorld make his own decision here, then at that time……at the time when Kuroyukihime had sent him the Brain Burst program in the lounge of Umesato Middle, Haruyuki should not have pushed the yes button.

Any volume 4 PDF link? Anyways, thanks for completing volume 2.

And the heavy rattlerattle metallic sound as vaka. Will follow your naming conventions for the images. And then there were fifteen seconds until his special technique gauge was used up. Yes, I do intend to continue to translate AW after Vol 4, but that’s not all.

Do I simply leave it in third person?

Accel World:Registration Page

I had all of it. Her violet-blue eyes glittered intensely.

How do I put it……it makes me feel relieved. Separating her fingers from the ba,a of Haruyuki, who was shuddering with the exact opposite meaning of just a moment ago, Kuroyukihime softened her facial expression and turned about in front of him.


Accel World:Volume 14 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

Even I too believed that direction was the one in which I could fight most like myself. Should I add it to the Registration page too? Lotus planned to make her level ascend soon to 9, where no man had yet supposedly set foot. The trajectory slabs supporting the train tracks were also full of cracks, but only naka rail above them shone a dull color. However, her level had rapidly reached 7, and her demeanor was also very composed. The ring scythed horizontally at the body wkrld Haruyuki, who had tightened his stomach and was preparing for impact.

I really want to do Vol 5, though, so I hope you’ll allow it. His slender fingers wrapped in silver armor were quite far from having the strength of a hand-to-hand fighter type. Sorry for the late reply. I’m still learning though. He was released from his jump rope state, and his avatar was exposed in midair. Well, I think I’ll make a PDF just for myself, since I will read it not in computer but in my tablet, and it’s quite uncomfortable for me to reading it online, since I need the connection to be on all the time I want to read it.


Accel World Russian

Kuroyukihime turned her body to the left and slightly lowered her head toward the avatar from whom a bwka trickling sound was coming. I might upload into my own template for my skin. However, bama as if she were anticipating that reaction from Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime put power into her hand placed on his right shoulder.

Thank you very much. His thoughts, which had a touch of a fit of anger about why something that was only a rail at most was being protected that much—changed to a fearful shudder immediately after. If I did, I would pay a proper amount a good translator would earn. I have a favor to ask of you.

The Black King, Black Lotus—Kuroyukihime was attentively watching the state of the battlefield from the roof of a building slightly separated from the other members of the gallery. While feeling the periphery of her field of vision beginning to white out due to excessive concentration, Lotus wringed out a hoarse voice. Which is to say, if Haruyuki removes his Baoa Linker now, he won’t see the time remaining. Return to Main Page.