Benzoflex™ by Eastman Chemical Company is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional performance in PVC, polyvinyl acetate and. Product name: Benzoflex(TM) Plasticizer. Product No.: EAN , P, P, P, P, P For example, Benzoflex™ LC plasticizer was designed to Benzoflex™ is a high solvating plasticizer known for its exceptional.

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Triacetin is used for the solidification of acetyl cellulose fibres in the manufacture of cigarette filters. Sales prices in were somewhat higher than DEHP. Producer’s description extracts DGD is a high solvating plasticizer benzofpex has been used for many years in a wide variety of applications.

TXIB cannot work as a primary plasticiser Eastman, Later, when the ban comprised the entire EU the prices dropped again.

The higher extractability in aqueous solutions and the higher volatility may reduce the performance of ATBC as a plasticiser in PVC, and could perhaps limit its use for certain applications. The production capacity has been raised substantially, indicating a growing demand and market experience.

For benzofldx uses, the larger molecule n-butyryltri-n-hexyl Citrate is recommended by Vertellus. It is manufactured in a unique, patented process. High resistance to extraction by saponification extraction with soap waterLanxess,b. It has good compatibility with PVC, beenzoflex it is compatible with all common primary and secondary plasticisers.

Under other circumstances, driven by other priorities, the experience with so far less favoured plasticisers would inevitably increase. Similarly, the extractability in medical appliances with lipid fat contact may perhaps limit its use for certain medical applications. Industry may have, or may get in the future, more knowledge on the possibilities and limitations of the described plasticisers, which can feed into the decision-making process as regards regulation of DEHP, DBP and BBP.

In some cases, blends of different alternative plasticisers may be needed to attain the desired technical characteristics.


Eastman | Benzoflex – Plasticizer

benzoflez Key characteristics Table 5. However in the existing production setup, it suffered from a variety of technical drawbacks when compared bnezoflex DINP: Triacetin is also used as a support for flavourings and essences in the food industry and as a plasticiser for chewing gum.

Producer’s description extracts The producer Lanxess presents ASE as having the following characteristics Lanxess, b: Plastisol viscosities are lower than for DEHP. DINA is formed by an adipate hexanoic acid ester bound with two Bbenzoflex alkanes, see diagram. COMGHA is an efficient, one-to-one replacement for most conventional plasticisers, such as phthalates. It was also reported as used for toys by Danish toy manufacturers with contract production in China ; used alone it did however not perform adequately in the established toy production setup due to migration to adjacent materials, print resistance, etc.

DEGD is the esterification product of two benzoate groups with diethylene glycol, see structural formula below.

Sample Report for Indian Import Data of Benzoflex

DINCH was the most frequently found plasticiser in two European studies of large samples of toys and childcare articles. In a study of plasticiser alternatives for non-PVC applications COWI,DINA was proposed by market actors as a substitute for phthalates benzotlex adhesives, printing inks, paint and lacquer, and rubber. It is marketed by Lanxess and Eastman under the name Triacetin.

In vinyl sheet flooring, the benzoate enhances processing, while the low molecular weight contributes a hardened, stain resistant surface, due to volatilization, similar to the effect of BBP in flooring. ASE was reported as used for toys by Danish toy manufacturers with contract production in Chinabut was not found in the surveys of plasticisers in toys in the Netherlands benzlflex Switzerland. The test results show that COMGHA meets all requirements in the extrusion, calendaring and injection moulding applications where it has been evaluated.

It should be noted that the prices of DEHP have dropped significantly over the last decade or more. High saponification bensoflex, especially compared to DEHP, due to ASE’s chemical henzoflex this is especially beneficial for articles which come into contact with water and alkalis.


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DEHP has substitution factor 1 per definition, while plasticisers needing lower concentration more effective have lower values, and plasticisers needing higher concentrations have higher effectiveness value. In this section, the mixed product is described. ATBC is widely used in food contact polymers. Note that Vertellus has indicated significant market experience for toys, benaoflex articles, and certain non-polymer applications substituting for both DEHP, DBP and BBP, indicating both general plasticiser characteristics and coverage of some of the special performance characteristics of Behzoflex and BBP.

Conclusions The producer, Genovique, has indicated significant market experience in several of the traditional DBP and BBP specialty plasticiser applications and certain DEHP applications, notably in the non-polymer adhesives, sealants, etc.

GTA is an ester of glycerol and three acetate groups, see diagram below. It is marketed by Lanxess formerly Bayer under the product name Mesamoll. TXIB is also used in inks, coatings, urethane elastomers, and nail polish lacquers. TXIB provides low viscosity characteristics in plastisols with good viscosity stability over time.

It has had its greatest success replacing phthalates in plastisol application, the largest of which is resilient flooring. Another application is inks and printing inks.

Equivalent to BBP prices. In water DINA is soluble only in very small amounts. Producer’s description extracts Lanxess presents GTA as follows: As shown, DGD has very similar characteristics to BBP on these parameters, except for a higher extractability in water.