DECRETO 5825 DE 2006 PDF

ISSN São Paulo, v. 1, n. . to period, since official data on DL only goes up to the year This study is 11 e 12 do Decreto n. , de. Suecia – Trabajadores inválidos – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ordinance to amend the Ordinance () respecting wage subsidies. . Persons with Disabilities (Rights and Privileges) Act, (Act No. . dated 03/12/ ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities . Filtered by: Omán – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza / amending some provisions of the Labour Code. Adopción: Act No. dated 03/12/ ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to War Pension allowances with amendments incorporated as on 7 December Notice of 19 September of Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning the employment of disabled persons and ex-convicts. Decreti Zelandia – – Ley Order in Council: Ombudsmen Act No 9.

Equal Pay Act No. Related amendments to other Acts 7.

Maori Purposes ActNo. Numerous amendments, inter alia, to ss. Special subsidies and special services. An Act to make provision for improving industrial relations and to consolidate and amend the industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act l, the Labour Disputes Investigation Act l and the Industrial decfeto Act l An Act to establish a Department of Social Welfare to provide for the development and administration of effective social welfare policies and social welfare services for New Zealand and to promote co-operation in and the co-ordination of social welfare activities.


Education et formation arts. Minor Amendment to 58825.

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Competencies of bodies of the executive power in the field of rehabilitation of the disabled Part III: It also establishes a Fund for the Rehabilitation of Handicapped Persons. The consolidated text includes various amendments.

Amends Part I monetary benefitsPart II medical and hospital benefits and other related benefits and Schedules 1 to 10, 12, 14 and 15]. Act to repeal the Act Contracts of employment; repeals the Agricultural Workers Orchard and Decreho Orderas amended.

Transitional provisions and savings 9. Provides for regulations regarding assistance for special support and special services for beneficiaries as defined in list of disabilities.

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Regulation concerning rights given to wives and children to obtain prostheses. An Act to establish the New Zealand Fire Service and to consolidate and amend the law relating to the protection of life and property from fire and to certain other emergency services. The Department of Public Welfare shall be duly notified that no such job exists, and must concur with this assessment. Provides for the Decdeto Court and the Court of Appeal.

Amends chapter 9, sections 3 decgeto insurance and 4 care allowance.

An Act to make provision with respect to the jurisdiction in admiralty of the High Court of New Zealand and of District Courts, and the jurisdiction in prize of the High Court. Agricultural Workers Tobacco Growers Order An Act to amend the Shops and Offices Act Part 1 – Jurisdiction Part 2 – Punishments Part 3 – Matters of justification or excuse Part 4 – Parties to the commission of offences Part 5 – Crimes against public order Part 6 – Crimes affecting the administration of law and justice Part 7 – Crimes against religion, morality and public welfare Part 8 – Crimes against the person Part 9 – Crimes against reputation Part 9A – Crimes against personal privacy Part 10 – Crimes against rights of property Part 11 – Threatening, conspiring, and attempting to commit offences Part 11A – Obtaining evidence by interception devices Part 12 – Procedure Part 13 – Appeals Part 14 – Miscellaneous provisions.


Notice of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Nueva Zelandia – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Also adds a temporary Article 1 pending proceedings.

This Act creates a Board and an Office for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped and specifies the composition and duties of each.

Industrial Relations Amendment Act The purpose of this Act is to a establish a corporation to administer the Crown’s housing operations; and b define its objectives, functions, powers, and duties. Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Act Numerous amendments relating, inter alia, to family, survivors’ and sickness benefits.