5-axis/Multi-axis Machine DMU 85 monoBLOCK, Flap part. DMG – technologies for tomorrow. Five-axis Universal Milling Machines. DMU 65 / 85 monoBLOCK®. monoBLOCK® NEXT GENERATION. Product Information: Universal machining centres DMU 85 monoBLOCK® of DMG MORI. Contact the manufacturer and find a merchant in your location.

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The MX can hold workpieces with sizes up to Product groups All product groups Electroerosive and electrochemical machines Machines and systems for additive manufacturing Machines for marking and engraving Machining centres Milling machines Turning machines lathes.

Product designation CMX 50 U. The machine can achieve approximately 40 per cent reduction in total power consumption compared to the conventional model. Direct path measurement systems for all axes, directly driven ball screw drives and innovative cooling of ball screw nuts, linear bearings and table storage ensures unmatched precision in this machine segment.

Features on the machine include a rigid head tilting system, a Z axis box way design for heavy duty work, rapid up and down, Meehanite casting structure and hardened and ground Turcite-B coated ways.

Masterpiece in the World 8 Tower vise capable of clamping 10 or more workpieces with different shapes at a time drastically reduces the number of setups.

Flood and through-spindle coolant keep cutting zones clear, with automatic chip and coolant collection systems available.

DMU 85 monoBLOCK

With a high rigidity construction and new high response servo motors, the j delivers a positioning repeatability of tool tips that is better than 0. You May Also Like. The machines use a finite element analyzed, honeycomb ribbed cast column, which Methods say offers superior torsional torque resistance and superior low frequency resonance stability. Redesigned chip pans and coolant flow reduce chip buildup and flush chips more efficiently into the auger trough for removal.


The machine is designed for complete machining monobblock cast blanks, cut-offs, or semi-finished goods with monobloc up to mm and lengths of up to mm. The one-piece casting is ribbed to prevent distortion during heavy or interrupted cuts.

Ceramic hybrid ball bearings, a liquid cooled stator jacket and bearings ensure high speed spindle mooblock of 13 kW at 42, rmp with more than 4.

DMU 85 monoBLOCK Flap part | Videos | DMG MORI

The solid box dm construction combined with hand scraping techniques ensures True Geometric Accuracy and long-term reliability. The rigid spindle design includes four angular contact bearings at the front and one roller bearing at the rear for optimum performance and long life.

Both Big Plus and standard toolholders can be mounted at any ATC station with no need for special adaptors. It also makes it possible to perform incline machining and all other jonoblock machining processes.

Supplier database for the manufacturing industry More than supplier – overview Hall 01 – Mknoblock tools Hall 02 – Industrial machines and equipments Hall 03 – Parts and components Hall 04 – Precision Tools and Clamping technology Hall 05 – Electrical and electronic equipment Hall 06 – Robotic and automation Hall 07 – Software and Hardware Hall 08 monobloc Metrology and quality assurance Hall 09 – Materials and semifinished products Hall 10 – Surface technology Hall 11 – Lubrication and cooling Hall 12 – Safety and environment Hall 13 – Workshop equipment Hall 14 – Services Hall 15 – Additive Manufacturing.

Product database for the manufacturing industry Product database – Overview. Its long axis strokes allow face milling, end milling and drilling to be performed above and below the centerline without C axis indexing.

A 20 station, double-arm ATC changes tools in a quick 1. Product group Universal machining centres. The five axis head features continuous C axis to keep the spindle in-cut without running out of C axis travel or waiting for C axis to unwind.


For high volume production, the VF-1 through to the VF-6 models are available with optional chip removal systems that combine multiple side augers with either a front discharge auger or a belt type conveyor to move chips out of the machine faster and easier than in previous models. Additionally, the HSM is fitted with absolute optical linear scales on the X, Y and Z axes that operate with a measuring step of.

Additional features of the DNM A include rigid tapping capability, an auger-type chip conveyor, cooling and lubrication systems, a program and data protection key switch, and a portable manual pulse generator with movement in increments of x1, x10, and x to make fixture or part alignments quick and easy.

While compact, the machine offers a maximum machining diameter and length of Masterpiece in the World 9 Automatic deburring on the machine – Ceramic fiber brush that reduces deburring costs to one third. The spindle has no corresponding loss of acceleration and deceleration.

The model ensures both milling and turning. The a81M has X, Y and Z axis of Masterpiece in the World 12 High Cutting Performance with Chlorine-free Oil Coolant effectively improving work environments, expanding tool life and preventing machine degradation. A heavy duty drive belt eliminates slippage, reduces vibration, and monoblovk to thermal stability. Combined with Y axis travel of over 6 m 20 ftunlimited X axis travel, and high speed, 15,rpm, five axis spindle, the new machine brings never-before-possible machining efficiencies to extremely tall, wide and long parts.