View and Download Epson EBWI user manual online. EBWI Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. Epson . View and Download Epson EB-U32 user manual online. Multimedia. EB-U32 Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. EPSON EBW – Data-video-projector, LCD technology, resolution: WXGA Soft-Tragetasche, Software, Password Protect Sticker, Bedienungsanleitung.

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You can also control the volume of any external speakers you connected to the projector. You can also install the projector in a ceiling mount if you want to use it in a fixed location.

Select the security settings to match your network settings. Color Adjusts the color saturation for the images. Turning On the Projector Projects two images from different image sources simultaneously by splitting the projected screen. Turn the projector off, unplug it, and contact Epson for help.

Preparing Before Using Interactive Features This section provides safety instructions on setting up and using the Make sure the pen batteries are installed. Crestron RoomView Operation Window Settings on the operation window let you control the projector and adjust the projection image.

Select the Security menu and press [Enter]. If you connected long cables, try connecting shorter cables. Copyright Notice All rights reserved. Contact Epson for help. Select the Extended menu and press [Enter]. Eposn On and press [Enter].


Image Quality Settings – Image Menu Settings on the Image nedienungsanleitung let you adjust the quality of your image for the Setting Options Description input source you are currently using. Other product names used herein are also for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Projecting Two Images Simultaneously Split Screen Projection Restrictions Operating restrictions The following operations cannot be performed during split screen projection.

Epson EB-695WI User Manual

Press the Tele button to reduce the image size. Mode 2, select projected screen. Projector Network Settings – Network Menu Settings on the Network menu let you view network information and set up Setting Options Description the projector for monitoring and controlling over a network.

You see the message “Password accepted”. Use the up and down arrow buttons to highlight the problem you want Turn on the projector.


Page 52 Focusing the Image Open the air filter cover. To update the time automatically through an Internet time server, select the Internet Time setting and press [Enter]. Connecting to a Document Camera You can connect a document camera to your projector to project images viewed by the camera. Turning Off The Projector The projector beeps twice, the lamp turns off, and the status indicator turns bedeinungsanleitung.

Cleaning The Projection Window Cleaning the Projection Window Clean the projection window periodically, or whenever you notice dust or smudges on the surface. Focusing the Image You can display the test pattern, and then adjust the focus. You can save drawing content you created on the projected screen to a USB storage device.


Epson EB-U32 User Manual

Focusing the Image Open the air filter cover. Image Shape Hold down the [Num] button on the remote control, and then press the numeric button 1, 2, or 3 that matches the number of the saved setting. Zoom ring Adjusts the image size. The Home screen appears. Indicator Lit when the Epsonn Unit is turned on.

Connecting to External Output Devices Follow the instructions in these sections to connect external devices to the projector. Using the Remote Control as a Wireless Mouse You can use the bedienungsanleitunh remote control as a wireless mouse so you can Use the following buttons on the remote control to control your control eb-e8d at a distance from the computer. Armenian 9 G ujarati Marathi Sout h Ndebele Cleaning The Obstacle Sensor Cleaning the Obstacle Sensor Clean the projector’s obstacle sensor glass periodically, or if you see a message telling you to remove any obstacles that are interfering with the projection area.

Page 74 Color Difference Correction when Projecting eb-w8dd Multiple Projectors Aim the remote control at the target projector and press the [ID] While holding the [ID] button, press the number button that matches button.

Geben Sie bitte Ihre Email-Adresse ein. Strap attachment Allows you to attach a commercially available strap to [Computer] button