Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. P6 Analytics provides out-of- the box support for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Work. Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. INPO AP, Work Management Process Description. • INPO , Guideline for Excellence in Procedure and Work Instruction Use and Adherence. 7.

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The corrective work backlog is stable and controlled within a predictable band. Operations Clearances Ready The percent of operations clearances ready to be implemented by the appropriate process milestone, based on the total number of clearances required for that workweek at the milestone?

It also provides updated guidance on industry initiatives to improve the work management process, such nipo work prioritization Appendix Drevised performance measures Appendix Egraded work package planning Appendix Fand graded work scheduling Appendix G. Complete and approve clearances. Equipment history should be updated when applicable. Reporting on performance indicators by the appropriate owner is iinpo and timely.

Practice personal ownership and mutual accountability; challenge peers.

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Identifying and eliminating opportunities for error is a key responsibility for individuals preparing, reviewing, and approving work packages. All other rights reserved. This applies even if the station uses a inpl preventive maintenance task to correct the deficiency.

Contingencies identified from the safety assessment are satisfied within the detailed schedule. At this stage, the maintenance backlog is a function of the number of corrective and elective work orders generated and the elapsed time that they are held in process awaiting the assigned jnpo window work order cycle time.

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For example, a Level 1 activity may warrant additional contingency planning measures due to an increase in generation risk of the activity.

INPO AP 工作管理过程描述_图文_百度文库

An SSC should be considered failed or significantly degraded if the deficiency is similar to any of the following examples: There is no preference to which side of the terminals the banana jacks are installed. Attributes of excellent work management include the following: Table G-1 illustrates the involvement and ownership matrix wp by a graded approach to scheduling. Integrate all station organizations into the process, providing them with an understanding of the process, their contribution to the process, and the associated accountability and commitment to the process.

Excellence in work management occurs when people have the following underlying core values: This includes measurable and meaningful indicators and a culture that encourages feedback and capturing lessons learned. Skill-of-the-craft work No power reduction required No entry into a Limiting Condition for Operation LCO No safety-related, fire, seismic, HELB, or environmental qualification impact No impact on resources external to the performing group — minimal external coordination required Minimal special controls general RWPs and standing permits only No welding on ASME code or safety-related equipment No detailed instructions required work not complex Visual postmaintenance test PMT only Level 2 Simple Work Package Simple technical instructions or work done entirely by approved procedure.

Safety system redundancy or safe shutdown capability will not be reduced. Activities not requiring all the above details, such as engineering studies, should address only those items that apply, such as resource requirements, plant application and impact, and work instructions or process employed. Use the criteria in step 5.


The short-cycle process is used for the management and implementation of work as defined in Appendix C of this document. The baseline process should be used for PMs, surveillance tests, elective modifications, or corrective work that needs to be in its system work window for work bundling or to minimize safety system unavailability.

For these activities, hourly adherence to the schedule should be expected and monitored. Modifications — permanent and temporary including freeze seals?

Practice accountability for process adherence. Proceed to Conduct of Work step 7. Turbine building cooling water TBCW relief valve is leaking past its seat approx. Own the preparation, execution, and results of work activities. Include milestones for filling leadership roles, such as workweek manager, project manager, group leader, and so on.

Assemble required test equipment. Parallel work package preparation, work activity support, and scheduling functions An integral part of a short-cycle scheduling process is to accelerate work planning and separate it from scheduling.

INPO (AP-928) Conference

Work activities may be identified or recommended by any individual. Use standard tagouts where applicable. Minor maintenance is not a characterization of pa such as corrective, elective, or other maintenance and could be included within any of these characterizations.