In physics, a gauge theory is a type of field theory in which the Lagrangian is invariant under certain Lie groups of local transformations. The term gauge refers to. quatrième section, j’aborderai le rôle de la symétrie de jauge dans la procédure entités de la théorie) sur l’espace-temps4, l’invariance de jauge implique. “Optique Géométrique et invariance de jauge: Solutions oscillantes d’amplitude critique pour les équations de Yang-Mills.” Séminaire Équations aux dérivées.

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Consider a set of n non-interacting real scalar fieldswith equal masses m. In general, such particles are called gauge bosonswhere the term “boson” refers to a particle with integer spin.

In fact, a result in general gauge theory shows that affine representations i. In the quantized version of the invagiance classical field theorythe quanta of the gauge field A x are called gauge bosons. This gauge theory, known as the Standard Modelaccurately describes experimental predictions regarding three of the four fundamental forces of nature. The set of possible gauge transformations of the entire configuration of a given gauge theory also forms invariznce group, the gauge group of the theory.

However, because of the subtleties imposed by the gauge constraints see section on Mathematical formalism, above there are many technical problems to be solved which do not arise in other field theories.

They could have changed because they were oscillating with a certain wavelength, or they could have changed because the gauge function changed from a mixture to, say, The bare-bones action that generates the electron field’s Dirac equation is.

When the running coupling of the theory is small enough, then all required quantities may be computed in perturbation theory. That is, rather than adding a constant onto Vone can add a function that takes on different values at different points in space invarianfe time. Group means that addition associates and has an identity elementnamely “0”.


If there is a principal bundle P whose base space is space or spacetime and structure group is a Lie group, then the sections of P form a principal homogeneous space of the group of gauge transformations.

This idea later found application in the quantum field theory of the weak forceand its unification with electromagnetism in the electroweak theory. It is even possible to have cases in which an experiment’s results differ when the potentials are changed, even if no charged particle is ever exposed to a different field.

Using the number of balls, the elemental mass of lead, and the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere from its diameter, one could indirectly determine the diameter of a single lead ball.

Introduction to gauge theory

Perkins Introduction to High-Energy Physics. It follows that we are not even restricted to complete swaps of identity. In the simplest versions of the theory, gauge bosons are massless, but it is also possible to construct versions in which they have mass, as is the case for the gauge bosons that transmit the nuclear decay forces. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Further requiring that the Lagrangian that generates this field equation is locally gauge invariant as well, one possible form for the gauge field Lagrangian is.

Introduction to gauge theory – Wikipedia

This term introduces interactions between the n scalar fields just as a consequence of invatiance demand for local jague invariance.

Many powerful theories in physics are described by Lagrangians that are invariant under some symmetry transformation groups. Since any kind of invariance under a field transformation is considered a symmetrygauge invariance is sometimes called gauge symmetry. Historically, these ideas were first stated in the context of classical electromagnetism and later in jaueg relativity. For example, if you could measure the color of lead balls and discover that when you change the color, you still fit the same number of balls in a pound, the property of “color” would show gauge invariance.


For a more accessible and less technical introduction to this topic, see Introduction to gauge theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When they are invariant under a transformation identically performed at every point in the spacetime in which the physical processes occur, they are said to have a global symmetry.

Because light from hydrogen atoms in distant galaxies may reach the earth after having traveled across space for billions of years, in effect one can do such observations covering periods invaeiance time almost all the way back to the Big Bangand they show invagiance the laws of physics have always been the same.

Also, for every phase there exists an inverse such that the sum of a phase and its inverse is 0.

Incidentally, Noether’s theorem implies that invariance under this group of transformations leads to the conservation of the currents. At present some of these methods lead to the most precise experimental tests of gauge theories. Some of the symmetries of the classical theory are then seen not to hold in the quantum theory; a phenomenon called an anomaly.

In physicsthe mathematical description of any physical situation usually contains excess degrees of freedom ; the same physical situation is equally well described by many equivalent mathematical configurations. Gauge symmetry is closely related to charge conservation. Associated with any Lie group is the Lie algebra of group generators. The transformations between possible gauges, called gauge transformationsform a Lie group—referred to as the symmetry group or the gauge group of the theory.